Content Guild
is for DAO creators.


Welcome to the Content Guild. Otherwise known as CG, otherwise known as the hottest collection of DAO content talent on the planet.

Content Guild is a DAO-in-process.

CG is about DAO content and we only work with DAO builders to create DAO content. We simply had to plant the seeds of a DAO and let the community in to slowly take control.



CG - 01

How to Content Guild

The first step to joining Content Guild is contributing content & the first step to contributing content is to Apply. To apply, fill out this Typeform!

Once completed, a member of the CG will reach out to you with further instructions.

While you’re waiting check out how to format proposals (how you submit your idea to the DAO for funding!) then check out the “Polls” Section of Content Guild’s page on Tally. Use this based knowledge center for more on how to use Tally like a pro, Tally is where the CG operates.

A few notes on what we’re looking for in Content Guild contributors:

We love all types of content. fr go brazy. but it’s gotta be DAO-focused.

We will fund content for the DAO Talk podcast, the Tally blog, the Tally Mirror, the Tally Newsletter, the Tally YouTube, an event like DAO NYC, or anything else cool you come up with.

We tend to pay $400 per piece of written content. We’re open to paying more for extremely in-depth, giga-brain, very time-intensive pieces, but you gotta make the case.

We don’t pay for podcast guests, so if you’re tryna get paid to do something for DAO Talk you gotta get creative.

We want people who have writing/video/social media/content skillz but EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY also have on-the-ground knowledge of DAOs and something to say about them.

Once you’re accepted to the Content Guild you will be able to submit off-chain proposals for the Editors to approve for funding. If they vote no, they’ll provide feedback on why along with their vote. If they vote yes, you’re good to start creating! A Content Guild Contributor will create a dedicated channel in the private Discord to communicate about timelines, editing, and production process.

After your content is published, you will be paid via an on-chain proposal on Tally. To see how it works, check out the recent proposals on Content Guild’s page on Tally. You will be paid in USDC on Polygon. You’ll also be minted a Content Guild Contributor NFT and given access to the gated contributor channels in the Discord.

Welcome to Content Guild!